Rabbit & Firefly


Once upon a time, there was a little rabbit lives with his mother. The little rabbit grow up so fast. Now, after he can walk with his own feet, he can run around his house and jump very high. The mother feels their house is so small for little rabbit to explore his new abilities. She said to little rabbit that she permits him to play outside. But mother has one rule. The little rabbit needs to always come to his home when the sun goes down. Little rabbit very excited to go outside world. He was nodding his head and giving his biggest smile.

He was really happy because he can jumping and running around the forest. He was began falling in love with the fresh air and lovely light from the sun. He even easily getting many friends to play with. It makes him regret to going home. When the sun goes down, he still feels fascinated with the things around him. Especially when he saw the blue color of sky turn into yellow and slowly turns into black. Although the sky turn into black, the forest still full of light that comes from several windows from the houses around the forest. He feels so great being in that place. He remembered his house that always black. Dark! He doesn’t like that. He feels he can live forever in the forest. He was just sit there and smile for a while. Until he heard very loud shout, and when he turns his head, his mother was stand beside him and forced him to come back to their house. The day after that, it happened again. Little rabbit doesn’t want to go home until his mother was picking him and scold him. The mother always scold the little rabbit and bring his home with force, but little rabbit always do that again and again.

Until one day, little rabbit hear sobs from the bushes when he was playing. Little rabbit was walking slowly to the source of sound. He found little creature that cry over and over. At that time, little rabbit doesn’t know what kind of creature it was. But after the introduction, he just knew that it names firefly. The firefly also telling he was cry because he was lost and couldn’t find his home.

On the short time, rabbit and firefly become intimate and spend their time together. When the sun goes down and slowly changes into the moon, little rabbit saying goodbye to firefly because he doesn’t want to scold by his mother like before. But suddenly, firefly cry and cry really loud. He remembered that he was lost and he doesn’t know where he needs to go that night, and how to find his mother. Little rabbit immediately ask firefly to stay at his home, until firefly can find his mother.

When they arrive at the little rabbit’s home, little rabbit saw different thing. His home become yellow, not dark and black like before. He was thinking and looking what make his home different. Suddenly he saw light on the back of his new best friend that made it happen. It was very beautiful. He wasn’t not notice before that firefly release light on his back. Little rabbit also guessing ‘ooh.. maybe that’s why he called firefly , because his body have yellow light like fire’.

The night became fun because of the light on the firefly back. It becomes more fun, when firefly teach him new game that called ‘Guessing Shadow’. To play that game the rabbit needs to make something from the shadow and the firefly needs to guess what is that. After that, they taking turns, firefly was the one that create something from the shadow and the rabbit guess that. That two best friends spend the rest of the things with playing their finger, mold their body, and dance that made very funny creature of the shadows.

Rabbit now feels dark can be so much fun. Especially when firefly said that game can play just when the dark come. Dark meet with light that make shadow show up. Little rabbit also teach this funny game with other rabbit and the animals at the forest. Now the little rabbit like dark at his house as much as he like light at the forest.

Ps : ini versi bahasa Inggris (dan penambahan dikit-dikit dari yang ada disini)


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