I was thinking..


I was thinking..

what will I be when I will be getting married and pregnant.

Two things that I scared most (before).

But today I have slightly beautiful view of me on the future.

I hope it can be good sign, that I can fully accepted myself as whole part of me.

As a woman, who will end up having development task that need to be grateful in the end.


Let me share with you.

When there is time when I am in the pregnant situation.

I will be sitting on the beach.

Feels the air, the water, the sand, the laugh from all of the people around me.

Feels all of the detail and specific things around me and and enjoy the moment.

Sharing those incredible feeling with the baby on my tummy.

So when the time that the baby born, he/she have capability to enjoy the moment.

She/he will not be an overthinking human.

And focused on the thing that need to be focusing.

And that can make he/she end up with person who are feeling so blessed.

And want to help people more and more.

Be the part of making society better.

By being the good person first.

By starting from enjoying the moment first.



thing I love the most.

I will do the best I can to write and just write

(or sometimes talking with the baby and the husband during the break of the writing)

I will write about the fascinating lesson that all of my clients taught me.

I will write every knowledge that every good people share and mentoring me.

I will write what every journey on every country or every cities giving to me.

I will write about what every condition or every thing force me to showing up any ideas that I never thing before.

I will write and only write, so I can produce any books or any journals that can help and inspire people.


And thinking about that.

Making me super excited.

And not making me full of scared like before.


That slightly things make me thinking.

That to make our fear less and less is very easy.

Just as easy as changing your perspective




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