Do we still need empathy in the future?

Nowadays, it is very common to see ignorance everywhere, and as consequences empathy become very rare thing. Maybe it is related to how often we heard people keep saying 24 hours is not enough for them. It indicates people really busy on whatever they do, to the point they forgot to take care about themselves, and moreover to others. There are a lot of examples people who have everything but suddenly sick and must take a rest for a very long time in the hospital. It is because they not really aware about their own body although the body already gave the signal to ask them for take a rest. When people have difficulty to catch the signal from their own body and understand to it, how can they really understand other? We saw when people on the roadways saw other vehicle strike, not many people would stop their cars and willing to help that car because they running to the time to attend their important business. Oxymoron to see we always educated and reminded to always empathy since early childhood but only some people who applied it when they become adult.

That was an event that remain me again about how important empathy to our life which is when I attend seminar about establishment of school of empathy. On that seminar, that was a part when the participants invited to try the method in that school, which names ‘biodanza’. We, as a participant, asked to hold people’s hand next to us and make a circle. After that, we were dancing. We dance by ourselves, and that are also time when we dance with one person, two persons, six persons, and so on, based on instructor’s direction. It was very fast event, we force to unite and separate with many different people. Even it was like very simple experience, but we learnt many things. For example we learn about change rapidly, like when we are with one person, we force to change with other people, but it was also make we learn to accept all of people no matter whom they are, we try to feel all of their feeling, and most of all we learnt how to empathy unconsciously.

The event also made me realize how important empathy for our life, now and also for the future. If we can apply empathy, we don’t need to do violent and cruel act, and we also didn’t need to speak loud and force our desire to others, because all of us know our portion. We will not take anything if it is not our right. With empathy, we will understand ourselves and others. We will think every action we make deeply, and we will not do it if it will have benefit just for us, not for others. We will have our world in peace and harmony, if we can apply that simply rule : be empathy. Because, in my opinion, many conflicts and misery born because we are not empathy. Some people want to prosper themselves so they do corruption, but they didn’t many marginal people who are still in poverty because they corrupt state money. Some people want to make themselves rich, so they do illegal logging. Those are just some examples when we are do action without empathy, and there are also still many examples you can explain related to conflict and action without empathy. So, to sum up, please remind and apply it when you make program or do anything : empathy, and peace and harmony will follow. That’s the future I dream, which is when empathy invade our world.


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