Klaus: Victoria is wunderbar, but she is not my lebenslangerschicksalsschatz. She’s my beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand. It means the thing that is almost the thing that you want, but it’s not quite. That is Victoria to me.
Ted: How do you know she’s not lebenslangerschicksalsschatz? Maybe as the years go by she’ll get lebenslangerschicksalsschatz…ier?
Klaus: Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz is not something that develops over time. It is something that happens instantaneously. It courses through you like the water of a river after a storm, filling you and emptying you all at once. You feel it throughout your body, in your hands, in your heart, in your stomach, in your skin.


I think everybody has this in their life – the last door you have to close before you’re actually ready to move forward and meet the person you’re going to spend your life with (Craig Thomas, series co-creator of HIMYM)


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