Thesis on progress!

I know where it’s going but i don’t know when, and it’s get me frustated. Yes. I am talking about my thesis. It’s much..much..much harder (maybe like 20 times harder) than my ‘skripsi’. Everything is unpredictable (because i am facing people, a lot of people, who can be not in the mood, who can be sick, and etc), and I couldn’t be selfish to forced them all to prioritized me all the times. Then I just like complaining it and telling the world every single time. I know it’s not solving this problem, and it’s not my type to telling everybody about my problem, but somehow it gives me emotional release, and that’ what I need. My friend said, when we already trying soooo hard, then what we need just praying to Allah, because He had the highest power to determinate everything around us (and also us). So, now I am complete surrender and hope it will end by the end of this semester.

And to finish this posting, like I also teaching the technique to my client (to complain everything you want with time limit and after time over, you can’t complaint again), I will end my complaint about thesis in here. And now just let we see when it will going to be end. Hope it will be going to be a happy ending. And also I hope the best luck for all of you too. Have a nice day!


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