Green economy : does it include you?

I was going to hospital. One thing that I regret because I lost the chance to going to Rio (don’t said that i will definitely going there, but at least I had a chance and i ruin it. Too bad). I was already prepared one paper to participated on blogging competition, but maybe because i was too sick, i didn’t realize my mail didn’t sent due to exceed size 😦 huhuuu. But, since I already made it, I wanna share it to you because I think it’s really important issue and not many people really aware and concern about this topic. Yes, I’m talking about global warming, indeed.

Green is one of the hottest topic we currently speaking. Some people really know and care about this issue, but the rest probably not really know very well. For instance, I met someone who thought when he wears green t-shirt that means he supports green action. Deep down, people want to contribute to activities to save earth but they don’t know how to. So, they just bought the things because it seem catchy and contribute to our environment.

Actually, those buyer attitudes can be the biggest benefit for people who want to start green business around the world. In Indonesia, there are a lot of people who started business base on green economy and get success. I don’t want to talk about people who started their business with big modality (like create solar energy or something) but someone who just like us, youth who have a hug passion but have little or no fund. Because I want to say everybody can start green business if they want to.

Now, let’s we met Bu Tina. When I came to her store, she was welcoming me very nicely. So, I decided to stop by. She sold coffee, tea, and all the beverages with packaged by plastics.


Sounds’s common, right? But..the unique one, after you drink, the plastics will not end up as a trash, but she recycle those to be bag, tissue holder, etc. She also open a training for everyone who have willingness to teach them how to recycle those trash into something precious likes cute wall hanger (the simple way, the things made by hand not by machine). Geez.. see from the simple things, she already create green economy. To recycle those trashes, she asked thousand housewife from Jogjakarta to do that. She made those jobless women to have their own money by their own effort. By all means, Bu Tina already empower those women, saving environment, and also transform knowledge to youth generation. Simple actions which already effectives to reach all of the benefits. And the creative Bu Tina can thinking about it and also successfully run it.




So, when you hear about green economy, do not imagine something really difficult which we couldn’t participate. But it can start from trash or un-useful things around us. Everybody can do it if they willing to.

Now, to close this story, let me suggestion you some of benefit if you choose green economy :
– the 3R principle (reduce, reuse, and recycle) constantly make you reduce your cost. In fact you can started from zero money!
– Morally, you can save your mother earth.
– ……….. (you can also fill the blank by yourself according to your future experience)

Now have you already think about making one?


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