Morning Thought (May)

Throw away your problem like throw a boomerang, it will come to you unexpectedly when you are not ready

Like sun rise and down, people also come and go, so why worry?

Listen to your kids, not just hear. Talk to your kids, not just speak.

God give you talent. Find it, explore it, and use it wisely

Young and lack of experience will be the issue, but willing to learn can tackle those issues

Kalau punya ide, cepat ditulis. Ide itu cepat menguap tanpa meninggalkan jejak

Some people just end up to be best friends, no matter how hard they try

We born and die alone. That why some people desperate to fulfill time between it with seeking the right partner

I regard people who critique me. But not people who mocking at me. They just limit my creativity

What is the different between normal and abnormal people? Because we all have both it, in different portion

Two people can see same object, but they will perceive it differently, inside or outside the box. So what kind of you? You decide!

Sometimes, the way to solve the problem, just take a breath and relax. Because source of problem just inside your mind.

Kebanyakan orang ingin menjadi seperti orang..kebanyakan

You can have meaningful life, by at least helping at least 1 person, which is yourself

People come and go unpredictable. All we can do just be blessing for their presence in this time

Having big power doesn’t mean that you can use it whenever and to whomever. That’s why big power should follow by wise people

To be a good person, just keep silent and don’t hurt other people. To be better, help less than people than you can count by all of your fingers. Better again, then help your community. Much better, help your country!


dan akhirnya ijinkan saya ucapkan..

Jingga semburat mengantar rasa yang mensublimasi jiwa pencari cinta. Selamat pagi perajut asa


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