Morning Thought

Sometimes we just trying so hard to be ‘normal’, but what is ‘normal’ in the end?

‘Mau’ akan diikuti ‘Bisa’, tapi ‘Bisa’ belum tentu diikuti ‘Mau’

Saat lelah dan ingin menyerah, ingat berapa banyak orang yang berjuang untuk berada di posisi kita saat ini

It’s so funny to realize, you already got what you need, but you never admit it

Kalau belum jatuh, bagaimana mau bangkit?

There are no such things like manual guide for everyone, because each of us are unique, find your own way

No one has learning difficulty/disorder. They just have different learning style, compare to other ‘normal’ children

In the end, we are insane in our own way

Harus berani keluar dari zona aman, walau belum tentu nyaman

Place you can call home, where you comfort to put all of your masks

Instead of getting more, greed will make you losing more. So, be blessing people

Perseverence will lead you to reach your dream

When words fail, cry is the best act to release my emotion 

If you greed, you will be lost everything

Instead of always trying to seeking and compete your competitor’s weakness. Just find your own uniqueness. And you’ll be stunning on your own way

If you always work, you’ll end up as worker. If you always study, you’ll end up as smart people. But if you do both balance, you’ll be a great leader.
We all know 3 magic words are ‘thank you’ ‘please’ and ‘sorry’. But do not, I repeate, do not say it excessively.

When you always handle other’s problem, it doesn’t mean you solved their problems, meanwhile you just throw up all of problems in front of their face


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