Cartoon Teach Me about..

I was accompanied Hashfi to watch SpongeBob and there was one good episode. Sandy wants to out of town so she trusts SpongeBob to taking care her pet, a caterpillar. SpongeBob and Patrick really enjoy playing with that caterpillar. But, the next day, caterpillar gone and stand butterfly instead. SpongeBob and Patrick really shock to saw creature that they never saw before. They thought butterfly ate caterpillar and also want to eat them all. So, they run and the cute butterfly who don’t know what happen just fly without feeling guilty around them. They just got panick and warn citizen about that little monster. Situation become chaotic, everybody didn’t trust each other. They smashed, kick, or run for any suspicious things. Suddenly, town become miserable and many building were smashed. When thing get worsed, Sandy come home, see buterfly with awe and caught it.

After watching that show, I bet some of you will comment about the silly it is (me also). But, do you ever think, we can be in that situation. Someone in the middle of somewhere intentionally create ‘public enemy’, so all of us hate and afraid of one certain person. The next thing, chaotic condition will happen.

It teaching us, how gossip can give bad influence (maybe that’s the reason why my religion prohibit gossip). Rumor that we will not sure about the truth can lead us into making bad mistake or creating chaotic situation. So, it is very important to us, to be selective when listening information that come to us. Always think deeper, believe your brain and your intuition whether we can trust that news or we can easily dump it. Somehow, problem is not problem anymore. And sometimes we can learn serious thing by watching cartoon 🙂


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