Ambiguous Messages

I always love watching movie in silence instead of discussing the film when it still running (maybe I am not smart on multi-tasking). But, the last movie I saw was totally made me boring so for the first time I enjoyed discussing funny and awkward scenes with my friends. Until there was on scene when a guy talked about his son and his regret about his past that made his son leave him. It was really clear for me and not ambiguous at all, but my friend ask me ‘so..his son is dead?’

However, it made me think and realize, even we are in the same situation, exactly time and place, but we process differently each other thus made us have different perception. I see the statement clearly stated that the actor’s son is still alive, but my friend guessing his son already dead. Maybe that’s the same reason why we need more than one witness on the court. That’s why we always argue each other and stand on our opinion. We think we are right and the other was lie. But the fact was, no one was a liar. It was like two people see one coin on different side. One people said he saw number, another said he saw bird. Two people were right and also wrong on the same time, because they not saw what other saw. They not put themselves on the other. 

Related to religion, specifically Holy Koran, that have high contemplation and intelligence to understand it, it makes really common to have different perception to understand it. So..why we need to argue and threat every groups that have different perception to us. Are we a GOD? If not, why we act like God and decide what is wrong and right for everyone? Don’t we ever think that maybe our perception is wrong and they right? So.. now on.. let respect other’s opinion and think deeply, do we really need to waste our energy to beat, scream, and hinder other groups or people that have different opinion to all? We are not reach Judgement day, dear.. Until that day, we don’t know who is wrong and right. Until that day, let’s respect each other and have healthy debate if you are not agree to another.


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