Dear Car Drivers..

Dear car drivers,

I am joining your club since couple of months ago. I can see and feel your stress when facing traffic jam. I was also experience 6 hours on car with most of you guys when heavy rainy and flood came to Jakarta at the end of October. I know, sometimes you have meeting just for 2 hours but need spending 4 hours to reach meeting point. You wasted your time, gasoline, energy, and ended up on highly stress. No wonder you transform into more aggressive, selfish, and ease to angry. You like to smashed car’s horn eventhough you know the car next to you couldn’t run just because traffic light. You like to yelling and complaining to each other, twitter, facebook, or just mocking other’s vehicles around them. I do understand..

But do you ever think deeper. When you complaining about rapidly increasing of motorcycle, people who buy car also increasing by days. And if you look around, there are many cars just seat by one passenger. Sometimes motorcycle’s driver are excessive, but can you imagine being like motorcycle’s passanger? They carying their wife and little children sweat under the sun while you can easily turn of your AC. They easily being wet when rain come while you are save protect on your car. They fragile to get accident and most of them are middle class economy.

I also understand when you are using Trans Jakarta’s way because you don’t want getting late on the important meeting. But don’t you see behind you? TransJakarta which supposed to be fastest way, must waiting because of you and your friends who taking it’s way. Can you see the passenger’s faces? Some of them worrying his bos will get angry if they will be late, some of them anxious to come late for final exam, etc. There are so many people who get negative impacts because some selfish people who take way they not suppose to take!

Dear car drivers,

I am now part of your club, but I don’t want to imitate your attitude. Jakarta’s traffics are sucks. We all know it. But I don’t want to be sucks too. And you don’t need too. Stop complaining, stop smashed your honks (if you don’t need to), stop taking Trans Jakarta’s way! Be a good driver.

If you get bored to driving when you are tired, you can use public transportation’s. You can change your meeting into online meeting, so you don’t need to go anywhere to finish your business. As human being, you have many choices. I suggest you, to take whatever choices, as long as not making anyone miserable. Let’s be (at least try) to be a wiser car driver 🙂


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