I heard bad news about someone who just found after 2 days death. She apparently felt on her bathroom, but no one be with her at that time, so there was no one could help her. I couldn’t imagine what if you dead and no one seek you until 2 days, weeks, or even a year. They found you just because they smell something stinky, not because your existence is importance to them. You will be easily forgotten. Being unimportant is sucks. You present or not don’t have any significant meaning for others.

I am really scared to imagine and talking about this topic. I don’t want to be famous nor unimportant. Probably that was my unconsciousness reason why I really want to be a book’s author. Being an author doesn’t meant all people know you, because you are not showing on television as much as an actor or singer (I don’t want to use term ‘artist’, because IMO,any people who work related to art names ‘artist’, including novelis or painter) but you must be have significant meaning on someone life, someone who maybe you don’t know but inspired by reading your book. If something happen to you, media will report it, even the portion smaller than any famous people who often show up on TV. At least, people will easily find your name on google or book store. But the point is, you will not forgoten. There will be someone who crying, or at least, mourning when they loss you. Seeing someone crying is bad, but the meaning of his/her crying that he/she cares enough for you, that’s a gift. Now deep down, I evaluate myself, am I already good enough for other people around me? Am I able to make they care and love me as I care and love them? I don’t want to be lonely and forgotten.    

Writing about this made me realize my purpose of life. Yes, inspire other and have meaning to other’s life are my purpose of life. How about you?


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