They, that (sometimes) We Forget

I was watching one episode in Grey Anatomy that told about an old man who wants surgery to make his penis could ‘turn on’ again after several years he couldn’t get erection. The interesting was, like typical adulthood children in fact, his children spontantly protess and didn’t agree about his action. They prohibit him to do that and also reminding him to better spending his funds on his grandchild’s tuition fee rather than silly surgery.

Watching that show made me thinking about how we perceive old people. There are stereotype when you get older, you will wiser and sacrifice your life to other’s happinesss (while there are also another negative stereotype that perceive old people as grumpy and made difficulties to people around them). Study about old people also only had slightly development compared to study about young people.

Considering about that, back to the story, no wonder his children think being in love was ridiculous thing for old man. Old man should not feel passionate love like young people. Moreover, they do change their love into agape love, which is unconditional love that always giving, like Mother Theresa did. But do they? Does it really weird to see old people who still ambition to reach their career, to love with passionate to their couple, or in the simple way like want to show concert?

Without trying to prech, someday we will be growing old too. When our time is come, do we really want people perceive us as someone who just burden to them? People just come by to fulfill your physical need, without really care about your emotional need, like stay for a while to hear your stories? People who want you die because they want your inheritance? If not, why don’t we threat them like what want to threat on the future. Also remember, at the past, these old people are people that really care you, that you couldn’t stand without them, because they already handle all of your need. Someday, we will be like them..


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