Never Give Up, Youth :)

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, that written in a book and filming on the film with same tittled ‘Social Network’. He just 3,5 year older than me, could produce million dollars, famous, and most important, create tools that very useful for many people. I heard people who found their soulmate and got married and also father-son who never met gathering together because Facebook. I also got advantages to keep contact with my own friends and easily arrange gathering because of Facebook.

Pirates of Silicon Valley, a film based on the book ‘Fire in The Valley’ told about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, two super duper brilliant ‘monsters’ in computer world. They made history on their own way. Because of their fascinating brain, we can easily enjoy and made productive work just by hands dancing in front of computer. From this movie, either it is true or not, I prefer Steve Jobs rather Bill Gates. He was, and still, very creative and don’t care about other’s said, instead he can make something that made others worship him. And..who doesn’t love Apple anyway?  But Bill Gates also fenomenal person, when we talk about richest people, you will directly think about his names. He made it, not by inheritance, but by hard work and brilian brain.  

‘When You’re Strange’ is documentary film about Jim Morrison, a singer and leader of band names ‘The Door”. He died so young and left many questions about his death and also his mysterious life. Beside of his gloomy and danger life, we could feel his great artwork, many clever quotes that still exist until know, fascinating performance and he know how to act in fromt of many of his fans.     

People I described previously. They all young, success, and shake the world with their own uniques characteristics. So many pro and cons about them. I, myself, adore all of them. The most important and we must highlight, they prove something to us : Young people not always people who lack of experience and couldn’t do anything. Experience maybe important but it is not the only one way to reach success. They are also great components to be a successful person, like brilliant brain, enthusiasm to be someone, unique concepts, etc.  

So, for those young people who said too tired to always prove to older people that we can make something. Never ever give up. Otherwise, you must to prove that you capable and trustable. Because history told us about many young people that can make a change. Maybe someday we can be a history itself. Cherios..


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