Between Brain & Intuition

I read an article told we need to know little action that can save our beloved survive from stroke and avoid them from brain damage. The trick is to recognize and diagnose stroke on 3 hours after attack with asking three simple questions : ask them to smile, to raise both of their arms, and talk one logic simple sentence. If they can’t accomplish one or three of that task, you need immediately bring them to hospital to save their life from severe stroke.

In psychology, I learn about one disorder names hypochondriasis. People who have this disorder, will panic everytime they found little change on their body. They will think they have serious disease and always want to prove their assumption although doctor said they healthy.  

Theses two scenes together come from slight indication, but the big difference is whether we need to take our attention of it or we just simply ignore it. On the first case, if we see someone who wants to felt off, and after he/she said they ok, without we do those three actions, it could be following with the serious consequences. On the second case, the opposite applied, if we are too excessive to take concern on little change, it can lead into pathologies. So, whether we need to do something or not? The answer is depend on our knowledge, but also important, our intuition. That’s why God gave us intuition, so we could choose the best choices from us, if our brain couldn’t process it yet.     

Remember, every decision, no matter how small it is, will determine who you are. So, believe on your brain, but don’t forget about your intuition too, including on love live 🙂


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