Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind


Dear you,

I am hallucinating you are whispering into my right ear. Like Alice in the wonderland, you become tiny instantly, sucked and end up on my corpus callosum. You realize and become chuffed driver who controlling two of my hemispheres. Since that time, I always like having panicked attack every time you come. Yes, you! You control my tiny precious brain.

Every time you suddenly sit next to me, without any cautions. These neurons, like me in between deadline, run very fast, connect one into another. Force many resting potentials to wake up and transformed into electric potentials. Eventually, I had seizure like epileptic patients. Once again, I blame you for my ridiculous act.

Your sweet acts activate my amygdala without knowing how to turn it off. You, even the slightly part of you, move stealthily into my episodic memory. Always stick on it, without knowing how to decrease you into my STM and just dump your part out of my head. Somehow I want to feel amnesia just like couple on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. Wake up on the morning and even didn’t realize if you are exist. But both of most know it just can’t..

Damn!! Even the simplest yet most scientific sentences I dedicated just for you. Don’t you realize?


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