How Do You Define ‘Peace’ ?

Everybody has their own interest and aim in this world, but history was prove, there was no single political view that can accommodate and satisfy every single person’s wish. Although we know, there is a political view, names communist, that have mechanism to make everybody has the same right and utilizes of something, so there is no poorest and richest people, to reach the ultimate goal which is make everybody glad. But still, in practically, it couldn’t made everybody happy and avoid war. So, the big question is how can we make peaceful world without war?

Hence, in my opinion, the ideal world is not the world that content individual with same interest, wealthy and so forth, because I believe everybody has their own unique characteristics and it is must be difficult to make them same in everything. However, if some powerful institute, like government, hinders their civilization’s interest and urge to have same interest, there will be a revolt, because human nature is different and want to be freedom, and in the end it will be trigger wars. So, the concept of harmonious and peaceful world in my mind is not the world that make people have same attitude or mechanism of think, but the world that contain of people in pluralism, hand in hand together but they can regard and satisfied with their own life, whether they rich or poor. Following question is how to put that ideal situation into real?

The key is good education. I think every war comes from hatred, misunderstanding, and dissatisfy of one condition. It can be grow if there is a person or community that incite or support the fund to war. If we go more, it has one source, lack of education. For instance, terrorism in my country, Indonesia, grow so fast because the leaders had smart method, which is take benefit from people who are lack of education and also bigotry with their religion. They came to county that contain those easily influenced civilization, they approach them with also show the facts that God obey them to do so (that already manipulated). Then, it makes terrorism easily grow and have many followers. This phenomenon will not happen if these people have good education. They will have the most important tools that must have by good learner, which is curiosity. If someone want to approach them and ask to do something, the high level curiosity of good learner with lead them into always asking and searching the fact, that will help them to decide whether it is really good or totally wrong. Thus, the government and NGO must to provide good education from their civilization, easy access and also cheap cost of education (like scholarship) must to provide for enthusiasm and poor students. Ultimately, first prioritize to education like that, will create smart generation who have high level of curiosity and can decide the right things. Of course, war, poverty, and world full of miserably will not part of them.  

However, youth as a future generation can precipitate this ideal world. The world more shrink nowadays, then it make them easily communication with each other, even some people never meet before. We can create friendship, and will lead to spread love everywhere, even they have different nation, look, and so forth. As a young generation, we will learn to accept diversity and fight prejudice through these activities. Benefit will take from easy and positive activities, which is make friends through social networking in internet. Today, there are so many opportunity to go to international conferences that held by various organization ease to make youth generation meet each other in one place. I already have self experiences on this so I really how this kind activity will lead us into make positive thinking and friendship even with people that really differences with us. Interaction with each other in several days, then sometimes following with doing projects together, obviously will increase friendship bond everywhere in the world and in the end will lead to world peace. How can we have war with our own friends?

To sum up, the peaceful and harmonious world will happen if people with all of their nature diverge can accept their and other differences. It will be happen with good education for everyone in the world and also positive communication of youth in all around the world.


2 thoughts on “How Do You Define ‘Peace’ ?

  1. I’m interested in your smart writing. I absolutely agree with your bottom lines “the peaceful and harmonious world will happen if people with all of their nature diverge can accept their and other differences” and that there’s always a way to participate in peaceful world project.

    However, There’s several lines in your writing tickling me leads to a question:
    1. Is peaceful and harmonious world always about the absence of war?
    well, let’s see the basic law of nature that balance is made to preserve the existance. I mean it’s always been two sided: goo-bad, yin-yang, male-female, etc.

    2. Regarding to terorism case in Indonesia, Do you mean the educations are emotional and spiritual aspects?

    I hope we can share bunch of our views in order to create positive change. feel free to visit my blog. writing for change. Namaste 🙂

  2. Thank you for your feedback. Yes, it is like ceteris paribus situation, absolutely we couldn’t have absense-of-war world. But is in one way to reach peace.
    I must to revise my sentence. I am more agree with what Baruch Spinoza said ‘Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence,justice’. And for your second question, I couldn’t get it. Sorry. It is glad to share opinion between us 🙂

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