Perfect World?

I am really hate when someone said and advice me : “You are to idealist, you couldn’t be act like that. World couldn’t be perceive as white or black, you must to stand on gray line..”

What if, all of the people really give up with their life, percieve corruption couldn’t be eridicated, tranquility couldn’t be put it into reality..

It’s to pathetic to know many people commit to corruption, with the worst reason, because many people in their office also did that! WTF!

People who always complain and shame to be Indonesian, but they made Indonesia even worst with their act. People who always despise about poverty in Indonesia, but not really support small entreprise with buy their merchandise and prefer to going to Singapur and shopping at there because of crazy sale. 

For me, so far, life still good when I am bring my whole idealist on my back. I am still fine to take a job with very lower salary, because I love those job and I knew I could explore myself because of that Job. Rather than I choose job with higher salary, 9-5, but I got nothing!

So, don’t tell me about idealist..if all of us feel pathetic about this country, and we feel we couldn’t have power to change this world, then when will earth change into better place?

You don’t need to make huge and fascinating effect to do that, just small steps and it will be bring it into good things.


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