Piracy, do you agree?

In Indonesia, you can easily find any store and shop which sell non original VCD/DVD / fake branded bag / shoe. Even there are many people shout ‘Stop piracy’, still this industry growing so fast, because the consumers still high. The question is, do you agree/disagree to piracy?

Based on morality, maybe almost of us agree to ban this kind of industry, because it is like symbol of not respect other’s creation. However, on the other side, we couldn’t argue the fact those industry made by 100 % Indonesia’s people and worker. A father can feed his family from selling these thing, a students can reach higher education based on money that produce by copy paste VCD/DVD of famous artists. So, if the government still couldn’t guarantee their civilization’s condition, why there are still aggressively bans and urge to close those shops? Why they are MORE active to do those action rather than think any action to reduce poverty and seek any job opportunity or empowerment them with skill so these sellers can depend on their own feet and avoid this kind of occupation? Why government more embarrassed their populaces copy paste other’s creation rather than letting them turn into beggar, busker, or thief because they couldn’t find any solution to feed their family? The most that make me frustrated, why we always not focused on solving the problems??

I am not suggested or agree with piracy, but with Indonesian condition, I am support with fake and non original industries if they sell others creation, exclude Indonesian, artists. I don’t mean to underestimate other’s foreign artist, but really not many people can buy your DVD/VCD/ branded bags & shoes in Indonesia with their stipend which is average on Rp. 2.000.000/month (approximately like $ 190)). But if any seller still sell non original DVD/VCD from Indonesian artist, it is too excessive! These Indonesian artists try so hard to reduce their cost, so you can enjoyed their creation with low price, and in the other side we are in same nations, why you still have heart to take their money?

Then, what is about after that? Of course, we couldn’t let this condition. Slowly but sure, government must to think and empowerment these seller with other ability, so they can start other business which is better. Together, we increase our prosperity, so our nation can buy other creation in their original product. Don’t you agree?


2 thoughts on “Piracy, do you agree?

  1. Idislike piracy because of the bad quality of themovies. Piracy is evident in manycountries and even not illegal at the same time. I preferwatching the original movies because of the better picture quality but just sometimes I do confess that originals are so pricy that I understand the need to turn to pirate copies. The same applies pirate games.

  2. So true.. But since I live in developing country that almost of the civilization have very low stipend, we couldn’t afford to buy original VCD/DVD. Even in education area, almost of college students don’t buy original text book. Because it is too expensive for us, then we copy it, eventhough the picture and text have poor quality. Since it is the dilematic problems, then I think goverment must to tackle this poblems, but in right way, not in extreme but not solving way 🙂
    That’s what I think.. Nice to have discussion with you 🙂

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