Youth Competitions (June ed.)

Every time I post article about announcement of competition, my statistic stats extremely increased. Wow.. It really proof, there are so many youth that really interest to challenge themselves into great people. I am really..really happy. However, sorry for not posted anything related to youth competition last month. I was really forget ;p But now, you can enjoy lists of competitions that you can participated. I hope you can be winners of some, and get new experiences through those events. Enjoy J Umm.. you can copy this article, really I’m happy if you forward it or tell your friends, thus it can make many youth people gain a new positive experiences, but don’t forget to tag the source (which is my blog). You must to learn to respect of originality and other’s work. I don’t know whether he/she didn’t know the rule, but I found someone post article on her/his blog with exactly the same with mine without tag any reference. If you don’t know, let me tell you, it looks like .. plagiarism, and you can caught into trouble, if you following those actions into real life. Many thanks. Please don’t be mad, because I just want to remind you and I don’t want to have any trouble with your action. As all of the visitors in this bog are my friends, I just want you to remind my friends to be better person. Love.

  1. Sinopsis LA Movie (Indonesia Only). Deadline : 26 June – 31 July 2010 (depend on the city)
  2. World Youth Summit Award Deadline : 27 June 2010
  3. Peace Camp 2010 Deadline : 30 June 2010
  4. GCC Leader in Indonesia Deadline : 30 June 2010 (Indonesia Only)
  5. Jakarta Globe Write an Article Contest Deadline : 30 June 2010. (Indonesia Only)
  6. Goi Peace Essay Competition. Deadline : 30 June 2010
  7. Australian Leadership Awards Scholarship. Deadline : 30 June 2010
  8. Europrix Multimedia Awards. Deadline : 1 July 2010
  9. Sayembara Generation 21 Deadline : 3 July 2010 (Indonesia Only)
  10. Give AIDS The Red Cards Deadline : 11 July 2010
  11. Training for Social Activist in Middle East (selected countries only) Deadline : 12 July 2010
  12. Global Film Initiative Grants Deadline : 15 July 2010 (selected countries only)
  13. WWF Youth Tiger Summit Deadline : 18 July 2010 (selected countries only)
  14. IMF Youth Video Contest Deadline : 30 July 2010 (Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan only)
  15. Europe on Screen 2010 (Indonesia only). Deadline : 2 August 2010
  16. Our Year. Our Dream. Our Mark. Art Contest Deadline : 2 August 2010
  17. SUSI for Student Leaders (from KANDANG ILMU) Deadline : 18 August 2010
  18. API Fellowships for Year 2011-2012 (Project in and open for selected countries). Deadline :31 August 2010
  19. Nutrifood Leadership Award (Indonesian only) Deadline : 31 August 2010
  20. JIFFEST Film Entry Submission Deadline : 6 September 2010 (Indonesia only)
  21. Save the Frogs Contest Deadline : 29 September 2010
  22. Sayembara Menulis Novel DKJ 2010 (Indonesia only) Deadline : 30 September 2010
  23. Indonesia Economic Outlook 2011 Deadline : 31 October 2010
  24.  Internet Sehat Blog & Content Award. (Indonesia only) Deadline : twice a month until the end of 2010.
  25. IB Blogger Competition(Indonesia only) Deadline : once in a month until the end of 2010
  26. Atlas Service Corps Deadline : unknown
  27. Youth in Action. Deadline : divided into a parts
  28. YES Academy Deadline : unknown
  29. Pulitzer Travel Grants Deadline : unknown
  30. Like A drop of Water’s Writing Contest Deadline : 1 July 2013

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