Bagoes Bag..

Do you know what is it?

It is an innovation from creative social entrepreneur, names Greeneration Indonesia. When you look for a glimpse, maybe it looks like a standard bag. But if you fold it, magically, it can be very tiny. You can also change the function into chain key, like this..


This bag, called Bagoes bag, is very useful, especially if you like to travel or shopping a lot. I feel guilty when I was going shopping, bring a lot of things that I really need, but in the other hand, also left plastic bags that not useful at all. However, it is very complicated too if I must to bring extra bag every time I want to go shopping. Fortunately, I bought Bagoes bag, and it is really useful. It is very light, so easy to carry and bring it everywhere I go. And the most important things, it is very..very useful to reduce my consumption to plastic bag.

When I was going to Europe, there was a policy which consumer will get charge every time you take plastic bag on supermarket. The price was not really expensive, just € 0,1 – 0,3 per piece. But if every time you came to supermarket, you always took plastic bag, and sometimes you need more than one plastic bag, you must be re-think to bring your own bag. Thanks God, when it happened to me, I bring Bagoes bag, so it reduce my expending for something useless.

However even in Indonesia, plastic bag is still free, but if you have responsible to reduce trash and want to make our environment healthier, please..please.. bring your own bag to carry your things if you go shopping. Or you can also buy Bagoes bag. You can buy it in all of Circle K (because they have collaboration with them), or you can contact Greeneration Indonesia through here

They are very creative and I really like all of the missions that brings by this company, based in Bandung. You can take a look their mission in here. When you buy it, you can support green product, and also local product. Happy shopping, smart shoppers 🙂


4 thoughts on “Bagoes Bag..

  1. terima kasih sudah memilik produk BaGoes!

    memang sudah seharusnya Indonesia meniru kebijakan di beberapa tempat di luar negeri yang membatasi penggunaan kantong plastik. saya sempat berbicara dengan beberapa teman saya yang berada di luar negeri maupun yang memang orang asing, mereka prihatin dengan kondisi di Indonesia yang masih “menghambur-hamburkan” kantong plastik.

    memang betul bahwa kantong plastik itu ringan, mudah digunakan, tetapi dampak ke depannya yang berbahaya. dengan memakai produk BaGoes, kita bisa berpartisipasi langsung dalam kampanye #plasticbagdiet yang diusung oleh Greeneration Indonesia di tahun 2010 ini. dampaknya mungkin tidak akan terasa secara langsung, tapi pasti akan membawa dampak yang luar biasa ke depannya.

    selamat berjuang, indonesia~!

  2. @GI :
    Your welcome. It wold be my pleasure to also spread plastic bag diet 🙂 To better environment 🙂

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