Sister Act, Innovations, and talk about my religion..

Do you ever watched the famous movie’ Sister Act’? I bet most of you ever watched it, even merely a glimpse. So no need to make a synopsis of that movie, isn’t it? But maybe I will tell you a little bit about this movie that will refresh your mind.

This story began with hiding a woman, which is a singer and also a witness of a crime, in a church. Without intention to involve so far with church’s activity, instead she was leading and made an improvement in church’s choir. However, the church’s choir become famous that imply in congregation that increased rapidly.

This movie made me realize about one thing (related to religion). You couldn’t force your congregation to always come to church every week and obey to do religion activity if you just deliver your religion in boring way. Nonetheless, if you made improvement and do something in fun way, like bring church’s choir with a little bit dance and fun lyric, you can attract much people that you couldn’t expect. You can deliver your religion into bigger if you want to going out from your comfort zone, if you want to think out of the box, not just the conventional one. The key word is innovation.

It made me remember about my country and also the biggest religion in here, Islam. Many people profess Islam as their religion, but they don’t do religion activity, and don’t know why they do their religion activity. Many mosques really quiet and rarely people come to. One of the cause of this phenomenon is we don’t do any improvement to deliver Islamic religion. It becomes worst, when there is an organization curses and broken ‘maksiat’ places, like bar and prostitution places, in extreme way. They suddenly make inspection and hurt many people around that place, with their excuse because Islamic taught them to do that. Who will be sympathy and want to regard Islam if you see that? Also the highest Islamic institution, which always prohibit something, that for me, make me not respect at all. To many demand and prohibit in Islam (if you see Islam in Indonesia), that made me rethink ‘it is true?’ ‘does Allah prohibit us to do that?’ ‘Is all of the prohibition include in Koran?’ , I always ask about that, and the result was many of the prohibit that I break, if it is not make sense, because I don’t want to turn to be bigotry one.        

Ultimately, I am really sad to see Islamic condition in Indonesia. Why they always busy to prohibit this and that? I am afraid, in the end, there are many people who don’t want and proud to be Muslim, because it is very ashamed to saw Islam that always hurt other people. Why don’t they think so hurt to spread Islam in fun way, like Sunan Kalijaga. In the past, he spread Islam through Wayang (leather puppet), that really attract many people, when wayang indeed really popular on that period. With all bad exposes about Islam, fortunately, I still see someone like Ulil, who has non-conservative thought and build Islam’s image as beautiful religion, not ‘scary’ at all.

In addition.. when I read the news about priest that develops Misa application in Ipad, to make many users can saw Misa easily. I was stunned and regarded his idea. And I just wonder, when will Islam can makes  innovation like that instead hurt and hatred each other?


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