Do We Need Sex Education?

Do you want Indonesia being like this??

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After the bombastic sex video tape of Indonesian famous celebrities, many people gave their variety of opinion. One opinion that I really remembered was stated by Education Minister (you can find the article about that in here). He doesn’t agree sex education to be included as subject in the school! (And following by his poor argument that make me sure he is not capable to be a MINISTER). If I am the one who interviewed him, I will give following question, “So Minister, what is the definition of sex education from your opinion?”. Ooh..It was the most ridiculous opinion I ever heard, moreover it stated by EDUCATION MINISTER.

When I was in school I never got sex education, so I never knew what the form of it. I was wondering and ask to myself, why I never got that subject, because I believe it must be important for us (the students) to learn it. Until..I was taught in one of International school. Since playgroup, the students get sex education subjects. It was not run smooth on the beginning, there was many parents criticism this subject, but when they had explanation from teacher and also head master about what kind of sex education that their children will get, they agree and even see the positive effect of that. One of the methods of sex education was with playing puppet show in playgroup level. I had once experience with this. Let me tell you. Before the activity began, I and other teachers prepare two different dolls (I forget the doll’s name) which are boy and girl, complete with their genital. One of the teachers has a role as puppet (whether it is boy or girl) and asking pupils about what they know about the differences of boy and girl. Almost of students gave standard answer, like girls had long hair and boys not, girls wear skirt while boys wear pants, etc. And until they didn’t had any answer, teacher gave explanation another differences of boy and girl genital, while we also getting off clothes of the doll and show them the differences. Most of children shock, because they never saw other gender’s genital (moreover some of the students still embittered and sometimes open pants and skirts of that dolls and take a look for a while when play time). The most important things, the teachers must have an aim when gave explanation. We couldn’t share genital differences, letting children shock, and do nothing. So after a while, we explain genital is important part of your body, so you must to take care of it. No one, except your parents or your maid when they help you when you take a pee, couldn’t touch and play with your genital. After that activity, children can learn and give them chance to take care of their genital. So no one can give them sexual harassment because when someone do that to them, they know it is a wrong activity.

These dools are tools to teach sex education

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Almost of the children who get sexual insulting didn’t know what is that, especially when it did by their close relatives, they feel pleasure and also uncomfortable at the same time, but they don’t know whether it is wrong or not. So, obviously from my perception, it will be good if children get sex education, even since childhood. I just explain one example, but there are a lot of methods that can apply by the teacher and also depending by children’s grade. Obviously whatever the method, sex education have one aim, to make students have awareness of their own body. Numerous study said the benefit of sex education, studied provide strong evidence that comprehensive sex education programs that stress safer sex and provide accurate information about various contraceptive methods actually increase the use of birth control, reduce teenage pregnancies, reduce high risk sexual behavior, do not hasten the onset of intercourse (and in some case actually delay onset), do not increase the frequency of intercourse, and do not increase the number of an adolescent’s sexual [artners (in some case they reduce partner number) (Brick, 1999; Coyle, 2001; Hubbard et al., 1998; Kirby, 2000; Philiber et al., 2002).

Parents also can facilitate and discuss about this topic too, it is not taboo topic! It will strong relationship bond between parents and children, and also parents doesn’t need to worry all the time when their children mingle with other gender. Sometimes I heard about parents who apply strict rule to make their children still in good way, but apparently it made the children mad, and moreover do whatever the parents prohibited. You couldn’t watch your children 24 hours, dear parents. But you can be wise parents that always make your children always talk about their day without force. The study stronger my opinion, stated parents might hesitate to discuss sex with their children because they are concerned such communication will encourage early sexual experiments. Moreover, adolescent children who openly, positively, and frequently communicate with their parents about sex are more likely to have fewer sexual partners and later and less frequent sexual activity than those teenagers who do not talk to their parents about sex (Jaccard et al., 1996, 2000; Meschke et al., 2000; K. Miller et al., 1999). Furthermore, positive parent-adolescent communication about sex has been linked to more effective and consistent use of birth control and decreased incidence of teenage pregnancies (Jaccard et al., 1996, 2000; Stone & Ingham, 2002; Whitaker et al., 1999).      

Back to the first passage, according to our ‘beloved’ and ‘clever’ Education Minister stated that society has their natural knowledge of sex so there is no need to learn it on school. I asked to all of you back, how did you feel when you get your panty full of the blood for the first time, girls? Did you feel frightened or you just ‘naturally’ knew it must be menstruation? If it is not enough, take a look with 2 experiences of these children:

I hadn’t even heard of menstruation when I first started bleeding. No one was home. I was so frightened I called an ambulance.

I remember the first time I ejaculated during masturbation. At first I couldn’t believe it when something shot out of my penis. The only thing I could figure is that I had whipped up my urine. However, considering earlier lectures from my mother about the evils of ‘playing with yourself’, I was afraid that God was punishing me for my sinful behavior.  


Children frightened, confused, and guilty with their changes of hormonal, because they didn’t know whether it was normal. It will getting worst, when they hadn’t no one of their close relatives that they could share their experience or institution like school that can explain about it. Instead, they will share with their friends or searching through internet that can lead them into wrong explanation.   

So, the clever Education Minister, do you still stated sex education is wasteful?


Reference : Crooks, Robert & Baur, Karla. 2005. Our Sexuality 9th ed. USA : Thomson & Wadsworth


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