When it turns to my beloved things that I ever had, I like to give them a name. One of the reasons is because I have a good believe in Karma concepts. When you treat someone good, with God works you will get the same, and vice verse. It applied in things too. Even it dead, I believe if you flattering on your thing, it will work fine, and vice versa. For instance, if you always curse on your computer, tell that it is so slow, not high-tech, couldn’t cooperate with you, then you right. Your computer will be like what you wise. Do you ever had experience that Karma really work on you? I had! Sooner or later, all of your deed will come to you in any other way. Even a random one.

I like to treat my beloved one nicely, including Keenan, my I-Phone, but it already sold to somebody that I don’t know who. Whoever the owner of him (now), and wherever you are, just please treat Keenan with good and abundant of affection. Will you?


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