17% will be worth enough for those people

Bellow you can find my letter to President Obama, I made as my participation to Asean Voices’s competition. I already posting it one month ago. Actually it must be late, but if you want to make any coment, it would be my pleasure. Thx! *You can also seen this on : http://aseanvoices.org/17-will-be-worth-enough-for-those-people-devi-raissa-rahmawati/

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Topic: The Environment

Dear Mr. President,

Last year I went to Copenhagen and saw your fascinating speech. I exactly remember your pledges that US will reduce 17% of your country’s total carbon emissions by 2020. Now, I am waiting the step to implementation and real action of that pledges.

I know you have special concern on environmental problems, despite other problems that have high priority must shift your attention to handle those first. But, this environmental problem will has serious effects if we not handle it seriously. In Asia, we have real experienced on it, although not as terrible as in Africa. As many people remember, on 2004, one province in Indonesia, Aceh had huge disaster called tsunami. On 2006, Yogyakarta, also had earthquake when many people lost their beloved and their worth things. On my own thesis, I knew how terrible this disaster effects, especially for children. They always bring suffering and trauma even when they grow up into adult. Beside those horrible disaster, Asia, especially my country, Indonesia, had several disasters, like water flood and earthquake. Almost all of province in Indonesia experienced with disaster, and we need much time to get up and build it again. There is also a time when we really fear that earthquake will come to
us, because we can’t predict it. All of that terrible come from one phenomena : Global Warming.

I realize that Global warming can reduce if many people take actions and make collaboration around the world to tackle it. If the big and powerful country, like America, wants to take action immediately and in correct way, I am sure it will brings a great effects, not just to America people, but to people all over the world. And it will not happen without your command and your initiative, Mr. President.  I will, and believe many people will, support all of your action to tackle global warming. You are one of my great inspirations and I will be waiting for your great action to make a better world.


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