Totto-Chan’s Children


I knew there are many suffer and pain around the world. I knew the global warming effect to African is really terrific. But, it wasn’t really clear in my mind. Those fact just can touch my cognitive area, without affective. I just can feel sympathize without really know for what for. Until I read ‘Totto-chan Children’. I was cry, sad, and mad when I read that book. Every part directly visualized in my mind. I can imagine clearly how bad the effect of war and bad weather in one country.
This book told story about Totto-Chan when she grow up into mature lady ( you know Totto Chan? She is Japanese actress who wrote her autobiography when she was childhood and it become famous book because she had very interesting when she was kid). Because her first book which told about her interesting childhood experiences, UNICEF decide her to become UNICEF Ambassador and she told about her experience during that period. She visited many countries that needed exposes about their suffering so people around the world can also see the pain and expect to help them.
There are a lot of countries that lack of water. They must to walk far away just to get dirty water (that will make them have a lot of diseases), but when they found it, it like they found a gold. Their eyes sparkling and drink it like they never it before. The condition of them was really pathetic. I just remember myself and very grateful when realize that I am very lucky, I never lack of anything. Water? It never come up in my mind I will lack of it before. After I read that book, I am more concern about my and other water usage. Sometimes we don’t care about water and just exceed consume it, because we never imagine we will lack of water. But if we still in the same lifestyle, it is possible we can have in the same condition. I am very grateful, Totto-Chan with her crew created  videos depicting those pathetic condition and show it to the world that made many people donate for them. At least it can be a settlement to some area wherein the donation used by UNICEF to drilled the soil to seek air resource.       

The more pathetic parts, when all of suffering could be deter and created just by cruel people names WAR. I couldn’t imagine, the war will inflict enormous victims, and it happens because some people business but it hurt many people. How pathetic! When I read stories about children who become soldier within force, I really wanted to cry. It was wrong, they didn’t know the reason why they must to put gun, but they did it. When there was one side got triumph, I asked to myself, who are really the winner? Everybody just totally a big loser! Ultimately, two countries that strive on the war will have pain, and just few people who really feel the victory. It is not nationalist, but mass suicide! All of the stories on this book really hurt me. Obviously, children are the worst victim. They lost their significant others, when they still needed guidance and love. They can grow hate without know why. Aaah.. I hope ‘Totto-Chan Children’ just become a history and after this let peace guide our trace in the world. Amen.


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