Insight in Jabal Tsur

When I was in Mecca, I joined city tour. I saw many historic places when Islam began. One of them is Jabal Tsur, which is a cave that Muhammad (Islamic Prophet) hided from enemies. The interesting story, when he was hide in Jabal Tsur, actually it was very easy for his enemies to find him, but as help from God, in the front of that cave, God put spiders with its web and also pigeon with its egg above nest. Those animals made enemies thought impossible for someone entered that cave, because the web and the nest will be broken if so, so they didn’t check that cave and Muhammad save.

I ever hear this story since I was childhood and still remember until now, but I never realized the meaning of the story before. The guide told me and it awakening me. He said that God sent those  frail animals to protect the most precious person in the world. God doesn’t need to send wild animal like lion or the strongest man, but it worked. Hmm.. I think to myself, he was so right! What if God sent a big guy to guard Muhammad? Maybe Muhammad still be save, but it will inflicting war and there will be victims either in enemy or Muhammad side. Pigeon and spider are the best and effective ways apparently, to have triumph without war. (This insight increases my faith that God must be has any reason on everything happen in our life, no matter how silly it is we think). It also happen in our real life, sometimes we try so hard to use bombastic technique and effort to get to best achieved, nothing wrong with that, but it makes us underestimate wake people that something have fascinating power that we don’t expected. Don’t you realize it?


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