3 Idiots teach me about..

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3 Idiots obviously contain satire of India’s school system. Schools, even the number one school, just push students to be number one, but in nothing. They always impose the students to know about theory and memorized words to words. But in the application? Big zero!

From the beginning of the movie, we dribble into that opinion. The main character, Rajou, who threat by his senior to do something that he don’t want, in the short time he made a tool from many things around him that make the senior electrocuted. The Narator said, ‘We learn about that, but he applied it’. It made me realize that India students learn to hard, until they now the function of this and that things. But, what if they face emergency situation that they supposed to do applied everything that they learn? They couldn’t, because it is not customary to do that. They aren’t  learn to connect between theory and application.

The second scene, when Rajou answered his professor question with simple way that made many people could understand. The professor thought it is not polite, because he made example from open and close zip in his pant. Instead of make big applause, he chases Rajou out from his class. Instead, he gave a big applause for student who gave very complicated answer that exactly copied from the books. That obviously couldn’t understand by almost of the students. 

 At the end, after they graduated, Rajou build his own school that make students at that school know the application of the theory that they learn at school. Many of little students build a machine with fun, like they just play hide and seek or something, but they create something! On the playground!

The second moral value that I learn from this film is freedom and choice. Hard to believe, but in the era that freedom should easily to get, many of India kids don’t have much choice (based on that film). Since they was born, they parents already had a dream, if you’re boy, you must be an engineering, and if you’re girl, you must be a doctor. No matter you like it or not, you have talent on that or not, you have too, to make your family proud. That condition makes high rate of suicide in India. Two scenes of young stressful man are more than enough to shock me. Too bad when I realize the source of stress is poor education system. School doesn’t care about the effort of the student, no matter how hard they try, they just emphasize on the result. Not every man born into engineering and not every girl born into a doctor, because everybody has their own unique talent. But in India, when they failed to being that two profession, or they have score that not satisfied, it like the end in the world, that made many students prefer to suicide rather than made they parents embarrassed about they failed.    

I grow up in the country that have similar situation in that film. There are so many things that must be corrected in education system, considering it is an asset to develop countries. Many of children spend their time on the school, then character of those children build in that place. Isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “3 Idiots teach me about..

  1. I love this movie so much. And i like the way you presented your point of view about the film. Keep on writing. Anyway you have a good English. Good luck!
    Aal Iz Well

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