You Got a Box

               Last Friday, one pink letter arrived to my home, completed with other things from my besties, Saki. WOW.. She is so kind. Many thanks 🙂 


I really love her letter and I thought I must to share with all of you guys. In her opinion, Indonesia is very amazing, and young Indonesian people are really passionate. I never expected she really adore Indonesian and I think other people can asses us will be successful in the near future, why don’t we attempt to make the good hope come true?  Here I cite the details:

Dear Devi,

Hi 🙂 How are you? Thank you for your everything!! Staying at your home, taking care about me, making me schedule, being guide of me… I had a so much fun time with you. To be honest, this is the best trip for me. I really like Indonesia 🙂

I was interested in visiting Indonesia since a few years ago, but I didn’t have any chance to go. This time, my dream came true. I wanted to see your country and I wanted to learn something there. And, I learned a lot from my trip.

As my serious curious, I wanted to see your real society. Japan and Indonesia have a good relationship among countries. But I didn’t know what kind of relationship do we have. I also thought you have a huge population (number 4 of the world) but you are saying ‘Indonesia is developing country’. I was curious for your everything.

But I thought you, young Indonesia people will make more better society by yourselves, cause students at university are so aggressive and I could meet passionable young people. You are developing but in the near future, you will create your country well 🙂

Anyway, I thought you are not developing country anymore! Japanese students don’t think our future… They don’t have their dream. It’s big problem for us, we have to develop ourself… x)

Well. I will write an article about my experiences in Indonesia as youth journalist. But it will be in Japanese. I want to show real Indonesia through my article!

How are Dipo, Dito, and Hashfi? I’m sorry for making not good situation between you and Dipo. He didn’t feel good to occupy his room in Bandung… I’m sorry for that for you and Dipo.

For, Dito. He also worried me when I wasn’t fine. Sorry for making worry. I don’t forget his warm kindness 🙂

For Hashfi. I had so much fun time with him. He is so smart!!! I’m looking forward to seeing him in the future! I was happy he asked me to play together 🙂 I hope he doesn’t forget my name until we meet again.

For your parents. I have no word to say for them. Thank you very much for accepting me to stay your house. I think they didn’t spend their time well… I appreciate their kindness so much!! I hope I could invite them to my house.

I’m waiting you and your friends in Tokyo! You can stay my house anytime 🙂 When you decided to come to Tokyo. Let me know. I will find the cheapest ticket! I hope you could visit me before you go to Netherland.

I sent something for you this time. I tried to correct everything, but I couldn’t now. My uni just started a few days ago and now. I’m on too terrible busy days. I wanted to send a few stuff first to show my appreciation. So, this time you and your family have a good time with Japanese desert which is called ‘Fru-che’. Just mix with milk (150 ml) and if it became sticky and a bit hard, you can eat 🙂 I hope you will like it! I will send other stuff next time.

Thank you so much for everything. I’m missing Indonesia… x( Say hi and thank you for your family, parents, Dipo, Dito, Hashfi 🙂

Anyway, this is the ‘Fru-che’.. so many tutti-frutti taste!

And how to make it? here is the guidence.

Taraaaa.. here is the result. Yummy ^^

“Dor..dor..” Hashfi really like this gun toy. “Thanks Saki” he said. Actually there is a video about that, but I can’t upload it.

This is a cute pink nail polish. Thank you! And also sparkling lip gloss

And this is the treasure box that I put all of my accesoris into there.

Once again. Thank you 🙂


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