3 Idiots

Most of my friends said I should watch India fascinating movies, ‘My name is Khan’ and ‘3 Idiots’. Well, I must to admitted, now is glory period of India movies. Long time ago, I just heard ‘Kuch Kuch Hottae’ as a good movie, but it just in Indonesia (and in the specific country and of course in India itself) not around the world. But last year, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ can grab attention of people to watch that movie. And now, in 2010, there are two superstar India movies that I mention before.
Unfortunately, it is very hard to watch those movies, their tickets always sold out. Especially for ‘3 Idiots’, it just played in one theater, and always sold out! So, when my friend was offering me to copy that movie. I extremely happy and just copied it (I know bad excuse ;p). so, I watched it on my home with Dipo.
Obviously, even it is box office, still India movie must to have dance and sing songs, even it is not related with the previous scene (I don’t why they do that). Annoying things like that (for me) still not affected into the overall movie, because yes, it is very good movie. Even it is very long movie (almost 3 hours!) I enjoyed it and not feel it is boring movie.
Began, with 3 guys who meet together in one place that remind them about their past. They do a journey to found their best friend, Rancho, who was lost communication after they graduated (actually just two best friend, Raju and Farhan, the other is the competitor of Rancho, who always want to be a winner, instead he always lost against Rancho). It is been a long journey, because they meet a wrong person with exactly same name with their best friend. There is an interesting story behind that! And obviously, it ended with they found their lost best friend. A lot of flashback moments that colored their journey, make us understand why it is very special to looking Rancho and why he despaired after he graduated. Rancho is someone who you can fall in love easily. He smart and always questioning about anything that not appropriate with his principle. Sometimes it dribbles him into trouble. The director of his university don’t like him because he always questioning system in his university, even it is the best university in India. At the end, Rancho can convince him with his determination, even the director give his pen to Rancho, as symbol that he is the best student in the university.

Overall, I love this movie because it is contain a lot of life lesson. Ooh..and don’t forget to prepare some tissue. I think there are many scenes that can make you cry easily. A must seen movie 🙂


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