Long Journey to Become Child Psychologist

My lecturer once ever said that one of the most difficulties for young psychologist is client’s doubt and low level of trust because they think that we never have experiences like them. We not yet marriage and not yet have kids, so our suggestion just belief as trifling to them. Not all of clients like that, but young psychologist still must prepare to face client like that. How to tackle their sceptical instead being provocation the emotion.   

If you think deeply, even if you are being parents or marriage couple, no one can guarantee that you are being a great or good on that job, because no one teaching you about this. By nature, you have this development task, but at school, you never learn about that, even almost parents never teach you about how to prepare to marriage, nurture kids, and so on.

But bear in mind, these young psychologists, even there are still young, and never have experiences, but they have interesting in, learn about, involve in consultation with this topic. So they must be more expert in this field, even they not yet directly face on these experiences. (just my opinion, feel free to argue it)

I, myself, learn in child psychology and will directly exposure with many great kids and their significant others. Maybe now, I am still have little experiences and knowledge about how to face on with kids, especially they have their own characteristics, made it more challenges. Still, I really want to share my own experiences and knowledge that I got related to child field. Remembering that I am still in learning progress, I open suggestion boxes widely. Don’t be reluctant to make any suggestions or criticism, please. Please find any posting label by ‘Child & Adolescent’. Before this time, I also made posting related to this topic, but in Bahasa, so sorry (I will try soon to translate it).   Overall, let make our child gain better future, so we can get better generation 🙂


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