Japan vs Indo

Spent so many days with my Japanese friend, Saki (and also from my other Japanese friends, Satoe and Marina, who came back to Japan earlier), gave me insight about Japanese culture (and also I learn about some simple words too) which is very different that I thought. Here they are :

– Japanese are very fast! (of course)

Compare to Indonesia, she said everything in Indonesia move so slowly. When she had presentation, and it still not began after 5 minutes from the schedule, she asked me, and I just said it very common if we began 30 minutes after that. 30 minutes still tolerance to us. She is very shocked to hear that! And also when we had another meeting and supposed to be there is another Japanese, but my friend said the Japanese still slept, and Saki said, ‘Oh no, he become Indonesian’. Haha. Internet connection on my home is quite fast, but she said that it is very slow. Yangki agree with her. He said when he was downloading software in Germany (internet connection speed in Germany and Japan quite similar), he can finished it on a couple a day, when his friend downloading the same software must spent one month to finished it. Yeah.. no wonder, Saki said like that. Even the fastest internet connection in Indonesia still slow to hear, I think. She also said, we Indonesia people, speak slowly, and for this part I couldn’t agree with her, because I thought some Indonesian people speak very fast, and others just average, but not slow.

– Indonesian guys are very romantic

It is very common that your best friend (which is guy) asks for you and worries about you, eventhough you are not his girlfriend. Isn’t it? But it is very rare in Japan. After I said about that, and I also told some of romantic story, from me and my friend. She envy us and she wanted to have romantic story, so she looking for an Indonesian guy to be her couple (haha,, kidding!). And it is very odd for me, when she said in Japan the girls must bring the guy’s goods (bag or anything). That’s why she was surprise when many guys offered help to her when she brought many things. I said that it is very common in here and she is more adored to Indonesian guys :p Also, Japanese girl thinks that when a guy gives attention to them (even it is very simple, like a guy offers you to bring your bag), it means the guy like her. So, be careful guys, don’t be over kind to Japanese girls :p

– Education system in Japan similar to Indonesia

Since Japan is developed country, I thought their education system must be very well. I was quiet shock, when I knew their system almost fulfill with lecturing from professor and you just getting bored to hear their speech, even you couldn’t get what he means. But the different is, they are more discipline, they just have 5 minutes break from one class to another class, and sometimes when the professor finish their speech (and it is over than his/her time) the student don’t want to asked something, because it makes their late to another class. Even the professor on time to finish the class, still they must to run to another class, because it is very far from one class to another. I didn’t know it just on my friend’s class or for all universities in Japan, but it like horror for me and I’m very grateful that I was schooling in Indonesia.

– Japanese girl are very shy

I heard many bad things about Japanese, like they are very ‘free’ and not care about morality or something. But it is very different when I saw three of my Japanese friends. Saki said that most of Japanese girls are very shy, they don’t like to speak to much with foreign. They didn’t like to being hug or physically contact with their friend, even their best friends. They don’t like to interact much with guys, and prefer to spend their day with the other girl. Similar like Indonesia, right?

– Indonesian people like to change topic to another quickly

I never realize about that, but she reminded me about that. I don’t know it just my habit or another Indonesian people’s habit. She said that sometimes when I talked to her, even it is important thing, I can change the topic and easily forget the previous topic, just because I interested on another topic. Haha.. Yes I am. And accidently, she saw my others friends did the same things, so she concluded like that. Don’t you do the same?

– Japanese people take a bath only in the night

They are very quick to get ready on the morning, and since I am not morning person. I just wake up late and wondering why they just soooo fast to get ready in the morning? And I knew the secret when the night came, they just take a bath once a day, at the night. Ooooo..

– Many of Japanese people don’t have religion

I thought it is common in some countries too, like Sweden, but I didn’t expect Japan did the same. Since Japan still Asia and I thought Asian mostly have a religion. Then I wrong!

– No street children in Japan

Their government fully supports the orphan or poor child. They will support with donation and anything, to make sure about their prosperity. I just wonder, if we can import all of Indonesian street child to Japan, and get them back when they success. It will be very..very good for us *odd idea, I know*

Wow. Many things that I never know before. Actually, at first, my Japanese friends were very afraid to come to Indonesia, as we are developing country and so on. But when they saw our kindness and public places that not so bad like they thought, they changed their mind, and want to come again. Yeiy!


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