We all have good aim, but..

On last Saturday, I watched one hour show on TV with title ‘Extreme Wedding’. I always love watch, saw, and talk all about wedding, because I can saw joyful and happiness aura from all of people at that event. Totally in love! *maybe little freaking out* At that show, they capture about preparation until wedding day from two couple. The first couple is from India, but they grow up in USA, because they want to hold this event with traditional ceremony in India, so they must to import traditional wedding dress and jewelries directly from India so it was sensational preparation. Second couple is the couple who want to have luxurious wedding like Star Jones.

There are nothing but totally amazing! Each couple wants to make these days perfecto and there are. I really love the face when the day coming and they are very shining and happy, they become prince and princess on that day, and no one could agree more than that.

Interesting one, when I was saw differences between two couples. Couple from India is really easy going, very happy, and they very blessed for every significant others around them. They are also very grateful for every single thing that comes to them. For example, when the bride received traditional dress from India, her eyes sparkling and the happiness emitted in her beauty faces. The wedding event is merry and cheerful because everybody feels very happy. They didn’t worry and just let it flows, they didn’t face their wedding like their face exam, so everything going right. They didn’t expect big but they got bigger than they expected.    

Another couple prepare that wedding one year before it. They even used event organizer to made sure that everything perfect and to fulfill obsession of the bridge that really want their wedding exceed (or at least same) with Star Jones’s weeding. I saw exhausted faced in event organizer’s face although she already prepared it since one year before. There was one scene when the bridge brings all of her best friends to jewelries store and she said that they can pick any jewelries that they one but no one can be more beautiful that she have. I didn’t know, but I don’t like her words and tone, and it captures in the scene that everyone happy but not including her to their happiness. Everything that she said that she ordered expensive wedding cake (but I think it very..very usual if compare to another couple’s funny elephant wedding cake), she had extremely great wedding day ant even she successes to exceed Star Jones’s wedding. I didn’t see anything truth, she always being mad and even cry when she thinks that everything didn’t going well and every friend and family didn’t support them. On the one day before wedding, she said that her friends didn’t feel what they feel (because they happy in her panic but I think nothing  that can’t made her panic actually) and in her sorrow she threats her friends that they must come on time, if their late, even one minute, they can’t entered to her wedding. Very stressful to saw her preparation, and I think when she finally got her wedding day, all of her friends said that finally they united, because they all too tired to saw her behavior.  

When I finished watch that, I realize that sometimes we are very ambitious to be something and to be like someone, we really like everything perfect, and to reach all of that we didn’t realize that we can be very annoying. Every panic action, mad, anger that include in the process will show in the result too. Like in first couple, they always do anything with happiness and joyful and the wedding success, and I don’t know the budget, but if it lower than the second couple, but it look like more glamour than them, because they include their feeling and heart for that day. On the other hand, the second couple always ambitious (actually just the bride) and she always said that everything didn’t going well, something wrong in here, etc, and that what she got.

All of them have good intention, they want to share their deep feeling to their significant. But, in practices, they have different behavior and make different result too. So, although all of us have good aim, just be careful for you action. Start your day with smile, positive thinking, and also positive behavior, everybody!


One thought on “We all have good aim, but..

  1. what a hectic marriage that second one, the very image of economic patterned, popularity driven marriage, it’s overcrowded with everything that the substance got jumbled up among the unreasonable passion. poor human i say…

    hmm, if i ever to marry anyone, it should be simple, just the both of us, i don’t really care if any of the family member would bother to come, when we got home after the service, we’ll talk about opening a roadside food court or fruit shop…

    there, there… 🙂

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