Visit Indonesia :)

Are you from Indonesia? I’ve been there..

 With excited expression, I heard that quote many times when I met foreign people, even people from Europe, continent that far away from Indonesia. I didn’t expect many people realize about Indonesia, even came to Indonesia, not just to Bali, but other region in Java Island or other place in Indonesia. They also remind our kindness. Wow!

For whom that never come to Indonesia, I want to share to all of you, people from around the world, it’s reference place in Jakarta that you MUST to go before you die ;p. I want to show that we have soooo.. many heritage, culture, entertainment places, that maybe make you admire ours so much! Here we go…

1. Jalan Surabaya You want to buy antique things that you can’t found anywhere? There you must to go to Jalan Surabaya. You can found many of antique clock, watches, statues, “piringan hitam” (what we called in English?), many things with very cheap price. FYI, ex-president Bill Clinton bought something in Jalan Surabaya when he came to Indonesia! We also have some place if you want to buy second-hands things, like in Pasar Senen and Pasar Baroe. It’s not really comfortable place, but it provide things with very good price, you can find very beautiful dress, just for less than 2 dollar!

These what we can get from Jalan Surabaya

source from :

2. Textile Museum

Since last year, Batik was being world heritage from Indonesia. I really proud of it! And the good news, you can learn how to make it , just go to Textile Museum to proof it. Actually, there are lot of museum with good things, view, facilitates in Jakarta. Really, I just knew that when I came to Museum Bank Indonesia few months ago, and I imagined that it must be old building with no maintenance at all, but I’m totally wrong! It very good place and I’m really enjoy spending one hour to take picture ;p, played games at that place (yeah.. we can played puzzle games with our fingers! *so high-tech ;p*, even just one, but I didn’t expected it), read many article and just looked at statue. You, even local Jakarta society, must to try to visit museum sometimes.

* I just know one museum that have site, Museum Bahari

picture taken from :

3. Mangga dua

Are you shopaholic? Then, you must go to this place. Everything you need, bag, shoes, dress, you name it, you can find in here. With cheap prices! You can find branded things, that really similar with the original ones, yeah.. everything in here not original, but who cares? If it is not enough to you, then we have Asemka, one place with a lot of shop that provide toys and accessories with cheap price (of course!).

Mangga Dua have websites, like Mangga Dua Komputer and ITC Mangga Dua . But more fun if you go directly to that place.

Ps : the sellers have one special term for those things, they call ‘KW’. ‘KW1’ means fake things that really..really similar with original ones. More higher, like KW2, KW3, etc, cheaper but lower quality.

Picture taken from : Flickr

4. Petak Sembilan

Like ‘China Town’. If you like China culture then you must to go to this place, just sightseeing, have some food, or just take picture in here.

picture taken from :…/im4.jpg

5. Ragusa

You want to taste ice cream in different ways? Then, you must to try Ragusa. They establish since many..many years ago, and they still hold out with their old system to create those ice creams. Humm..yummy

picture taken from :…gusa.jpg…gusa.jpg

6. Jungle

Jungle, that locate in Bogor, are the complete entertaining place. They have very large swimming pool with different kinds. They also have ghost house, 4D, and many more. Absolutely you can get joyful and happiness in this place. You want more? Then we have Dufan and Sea World that offering similar excitement.

for futher information, you can log on to : Jungle’s website

picture taken from :…NGLE.jpg

7. TIM- Taman Ismail Marzuki

You can see theater and art product from many Indonesian artists. If you love art, then you must go there. Near to there, we have planetarium, you can see stars, planets, and their other friends at there.

further information, you can log on to : TIM’s website

picture taken from :…nter.jpg

picture taken from :…tim2.jpg

Huff.. I just describe little pieces of Jakarta, but I’m too tired ;p. You must to come and feel it in real way. I am sure you will be no regret. We have a lot of culture, food, heritage, anything. Just try, come, and visit Indonesia. Especially for Indonesia people, we have a lot of place that we can get fun with, so why we must more proud if we’re going abroad than if we explore Indonesia’s places?

*after I made this posting, I was reading one interesting site, maybe you can visit too : Indonesian tourism

Ps : Next month, my friends from Vietnam and Japanese will come to Indonesia. This article special dedicated for them. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Visit Indonesia :)

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  3. hey, you didn’t mention TMII and Textile Museum. i think TMII and textile museum are worth-visit place for foreigners to know abt our cultural heritages.

  4. yes, I am.. please check no.2 on the list for Textile museum, Ras..
    and thank you for your correction about TMII. It’s very worth place, especially with ‘anjungan’. sorry for skip it.
    and the worst, I didn’t include ‘Monas’..
    actually stiill a lot of place worth to visit in Indonesia. Pulau Tidung, pulau seribu, etc..
    please just come and see with your own eyes 🙂

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