Time to Reflection!

I believe that we can success with always evaluation ourselves. But remember, don’t push you’re self too much with any target that you ever made. Just bear in your mind, we all just human. The main keys are : Evaluation, correction, and be better than yesterday. I, myself, forget to make reflection for 2009. So..here we go..

I found 2009 as changing year. I got a lot of changes last year. Graduated, worked, go abroad. I forced to put myself out from my comfort zone. I met many new people and, for the truth, it really scared me, because I never being in fluctuation fast situation like those before. It harder because I am very difficult gets closer with new people. I prefer just to be a silent people rather than talk to other people than I never know before. Maybe, it because my bad past experience, that made me really careful to new people. But in 2009, many experiences force me to kind with new people and it’s not too bad to be kind girl at all.    

Began when Sui choose me as his General Secretary in SUMA. Actually I know many people at that organization, but I prefer to talk with a few people. Being General Secretary, that I believe one of the main jobs is made all of members feels SUMA likes their home, force me to be kind with all of the members, and say ‘Hello’ even I didn’t know them before. At first, it really inconvenience for me, being “Sok Kenal Sok Dekat (SKSD)’ type. But in the last, it really good, especially when many people missed you and cares you because you care to them. In the end, I am very expert to show generous feeling of care to them, not just SKSD, because I am totally love all of them and do care if one of them had any trouble or just want to share happy feeling.    

After that, experiences as teacher assistant made me should easily interact with many children. Even I don’t know them before * and even they hate me*. Fortunately, none of them hate me, maybe just really angry because separation time or when they can’t get what they want. Anyway, that experience really changes me. When I went to mall or any public place, I falling in love with many kids, and my unconsciousness mind made me always directly interact with them, even I didn’t know them. I just love the feeling when that child smile and laugh at me even I’m stranger person to them. Actually it easier to interact with stranger kids rather than stranger adult (hehe..that’s why I want to take child psychology).

The last, when I went to Copenhagen. I met a lot of people, and lack of experiences and knowledge, made me should ask other people about many things. Feedbacks that I got really amazed me, they not just answered my question, but instead we chat like old friends. Many of them also knew Indonesia, and share they experiences when they went to Indonesia. I am really comfortable to talk with any stranger people, after that. Something that I never did before.

All of the experiences made me realize that interact with stranger people not so bad. Moreover, I have so many friends and met many great people just because I want to speak with them. Now, I’m not suspicious with new people and fight with my own mind about are they good/bad? Just life my live and I really opened myself to welcoming 2010 and to meet many inspiration people in this year J where are you, guys?


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