God exist

One month ago, I involved in the discussion with friend of mine. It began when he gave me one food that I never see before. It very delicious and I asked him what the ingredients of that. When he wants to answer, he realizes and grabs that food from me (it’s from pork). Not later than that, he asked me why I can’t eat pork. I and my other friend answer because pork contain of worms. He said that many people who eat pig not died instantly. We can’t answer that, and after that we discussion about God and belief. Why we belief in God instead we never know what substance of God, even we never see God! We said that it must be explanation and must be someone (or something) that created mountain, sun, planet, people, etc, so it must be God. He asked us back, so who created God?  And we still couldn’t answer that.

He believes that if we do anything with good way, if we not steal for anyone, and if we not make damage for anyone, so it is fine and we still can continue our live. We don’t need religion as traffic sign since we know how to life our live. And he asked again why we belief our religion, if he want to pick one of many religion in the world, what religion he must to choose, since the essential aim of all religion are same, for order of their followers to have good attitude in their live. Then.. my other friend said that it depends to your heart, you can ask it, and you know what the best. Then.. he asked again why I really believe to my religion although it can be fake, somebody who have good skill in literature can create good book and he claim it like guide book and he create new religion, many people believe it, and it can be religion that you believe! So, religion can create by human. Then, he asked, why don’t he just life his live without religion. Nothing wrong with that! *I predicted this idea come up because he live in Vietnam, country with Budha as largest religion at that country* Still, I could not answer his question and really it makes me think deep about this topic.

I don’t know why but I hate if people debate this religion and live topic. We always debate until there is a point when we just give up, because we don’t know the answer. I really want to ask same question *maybe more* like my friend asked to me, but I don’t know who can answer it. I once asked similar question about religion to one person that I thought he/she can answer my question, because he/she like very religious, but he/she really disappoint me, he/she just said that just live our life that way because it already written in Holy book and we not allowed to asked that question. I thought God give us brain to make us critical, God bring us with critical sense to make us always curious about many things, and that’s why we always asked about anything and that’s why we can live our live. But why, when we reach to religion question, we must to shut our mouth, and just submit to our fate. I believe God make us critical because we can hold into our faith if we believe that our faith is right and it happen because we asked about the essential about faith itself until that process make us realize about the real faith that we must to believe. I once read *forget from my holy book or hadist, forgive and correct me if I’m wrong* that said about people who choose wrong faith because they don’t maximize their brain and they could not see the sign so they not choose the right faith (means my religion). It make me think, so God allow us to be critical. Also if we already choose this religion as our religion, it doesn’t mean that we couldn’t questioning about our religion itself. I think if we have question about it, and somebody can answer with logical explanation, it will stronger our faith. So, we really need some religion expert that can answer about it, not just close our mind and just said we don’t allow ask that thing. It not resolve the problem, it make us always questioning that question, deep into our heart.          

I could not answer my friend question because there is similar thing between us, I also questioning that, somehow. The different between I and him just I still believe in God, because I believe God exist, and he didn’t. I think, we believe or not, there are many miracles around us that we can’t explain why and what is the process of it. I believe it because of God. I wore this head scarf until now, because I believe there is many benefit that I will * actually already* reach after I wore it. I don’t like people who suggest me to wear it just because I MUST wear it. Yeah.. I must wear it, but it must be logical explanation why I must wear it. It takes 1 year to me to think about it until I decided to wear this head scarf.

But still there are many questions in my mind about religion and I believe there are some logical explanations about that. I don’t know who can answer that and I hope I can meet him/her someday, to stronger my faith. I hope he/she can meet my friend too, because I believe that : God exist..


3 thoughts on “God exist

  1. I prefer the term “nobody can prove that ‘God’ does not exist”

    I am not a religious person, but I prefer to believe that God “is.” Because hitherto, that is the most logical “primary cause” for me. It’s like traffic light logic, if you believe that traffic light is usefull, you see order, if you don’t believe in it, therefore you move like you own the street, you’ll see traffic jam.

    Of course it is not as simple as that, even atheist have a “god”, and there are so many concept of god in the world, enough to make your stomach ache.

    I am glad should any young people bother to ask about issues like this, I am sad for anybody that has become stuck up in what they believe in without ever taking the journey to learn about life, humanity and spirituality.

    I take it that you are a Moslem, well congratulations, it’s always nice to have one more people in the world with access to the manuals of life, it should keep humanity afloat.

    Questions like this, should you prefer, can take you through the realm of science, of cosmic exploration, of minute experiences, and as a Moslem, the path that you have chosen, you can collect those experiences to enrich your spiritual life and learn more about humanity, the rich diversity of thoughts and believes, and the purpose to all of this so called “the absurdity of the existence”

    And about your friend, you must be carefull before you jump in to conclusion, I’m affraid you have to read some more about Buddhism, what your friend was proposing, things that he talked about, as far as i’m concern, they are not in any way the reflection of Buddhism, I suppose you friend there was just being a naughty lad.

    Well, you don’t have to read Buddhism point blanked, people around you would be suspicious, you might prefer to read about cultural, sociological history of India and continue until you see Japan along the horizon.

    One good book in my arsenal is Kokoro: Hints and Echoes of Japanese Inner Life by Lafcadio Hearn – don’t know who publishes it now, but I suppose you can always have a free copy through the internet – Tzurezuregusa by Kenko both books have been translated in to English so it should be fine for you, and a Short History of Buddhism by Edward Konze (if i’m not mistaken).

    The first two books are my recommendations because they were written by people with the said culture in their vein, and the last book, well they say Edward is good.

    Make no mistake, this is not a propaganda, and I don’t profess Buddhism, I just think that they might help you enrich yourself (and your faith)if you are a “questioning type.”

    have a nice day.

  2. Yeah, same to you, I believe God exist, but there are still many mysterious questions that I can’t answered.
    Btw, Thank you very much for your comprehensive recommendation 🙂
    Yeah..I thought we (at least I) should to get know about many religion to make my faith stronger.
    -Still searching and keep asking-

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