Before COP15 : Missing Puzzle

Like I told before, I have many challenges to go to Copenhagen. I almost canceled my journey, but maybe the best way for me is to go to COP 15, so I will come to that place on 15th (which means 4 days before COP15 will over). My excitement still same (maybe more) and I hope my journey will make me can contribute to my country after this.

We already give up came to Copenhagen. Our visa can’t be process because we didn’t get letter from UNFCCC. We tried to make option to substitute that letter, like letter from our organization, but unfortunately they not accepted, because people from Indonesia really massive then they tried to select the appropriate person to come to Copenhagen. Unfortunately, some people that really need and needed to come to Copenhagen, like us, must have this challenge and probably must cancel their journey to Copenhagen. However, because many people helped, encourage, and fight for us, we can go to Copenhagen. Read my journey after this post. Hope you will be enjoy =)


4 thoughts on “Before COP15 : Missing Puzzle

  1. untung nyampe sana dev..kalo ga nyampe sana, di Indonesia juga cukup warming alias panas..Panas ga bisa brangkat..hahaha. Sukses dev jadi aktivis global warming di Indonesia, rajin2 pake payung juga yaaa..hahaha lagi.

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