After COP : Dakta

About two weeks after I come back to Indonesia, I and Linda had offered to share our experience on Dakta Radio. We really excited because it means that we can make many people know about COP15, and moreover climate change. On that 1 hour show, we talk about our activities before COP, our plan activities after COP, our experiences during COP, our resolution, and ambition. It is really good interview, even I feel little bit speechless when Yudhi asks me for role play being public educator. Oh no! it’s been a long time ago, and I almost forget how to talk with children about global warming, in fact now I always said to adult about this issue. I really excited because I can talk about my next project, related to build awareness of children for global warming issue and Linda can also promote her community too. I feel that it really boost my spirit to realize my concept about the project to real action.

That show names ‘Galeri Muda’, have targets to interview any youth who have
many achievement or can inspired another youth. I don’t think I deserve to it, but I am very glad if it will. I hope many youth can contribute any positive action for Indonesia, even simple or bigger =)

Ps : I attach our recording voice when we are in Dakta radio..


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