Another Side : Fun in Malmo

After COP15, we still have time until we going back to Jakarta on 25th Dec. We decided to come to Iben’s house on 22th Dec. Before that, we took a lot of picture in Molten’s house with trampoline, snowman, bycle, and dog house. Fun!

lot of fun, ha?

me and my next boyfriend. haha..

Iben and his wife, Devina, really kind and welcome to us (In fact, Devina is my and Linda’s senior in university). We have deep conversation about organization that connected us to COP15, ECO Indonesia, and after that we just chitchat about our life while Iben and Devina packing for the next day. The next early morning, Iben and Devina go to Praha and also our Vietnam friend, Phuck. After that, just leave three of us in Iben’s house. We spent all day with sleep. Haha..

we also go around, took picture and sightseeing. And..we also cook ourself just by three ingredients, egg, sausage, and potato. I think we are really creative in that time.

This is our lunch

not bad for first exprerience, ha? ;p


delicious just because steak sauce ;p

lunch again

Really Creative! we can make a lot of variant of food just from 3 ingredients

Dinner again (but it’s luxurious: STEAK)

finally we had steak!

 And this man just sleep all day, while we (the girls) cooks. Hey, even it almost 11 am. Lazy..lazy..lazy ;p

guess who?

Haha.. I have a lot of fun and experience in here. Time to go back! Thank you and hope we can meet again 🙂


2 thoughts on “Another Side : Fun in Malmo

  1. Eventhought I thought it’s not related with my article, I think we need more and more entrepreneur to make it ended..

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