Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go

*picture taken from : http://lucas4you.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/holdcover.jpg

Yesterday, I just watched Jiffest with my dearest friends, Ajeng, Iwed, and Vika, also with Hashfi. It’s been long time since we met in college. Everyone just got their own job, and I’m really proud of them =) We watched film, title ‘Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go’. In the very first beginning, Hashfi said ‘I’m sleepy’ and he slept. Me and another enjoyed the movie.
When we read review of that film, we really interested, in fact we just crazy in love about that topic (proof by our thesis ;p). This film tells about school for traumatic children. We saw many children with different problem and different habit in that school. Well, there is a lot of scene that made me wanna cry (just almost ;p), I think that children didn’t deserve to have that condition.
Pardon me, but also think method at that school really poor (better watched Nanny 911), when the child full of emotion, instead of calm down, the teacher give ‘lecture’ with pinch body of that child. I thought that they surely don’t want to listen all of the speech of everyone since they got very angry at the time (proof by they say ‘fuck’ ‘bitch’ and moreover they spittle to the teacher). There is the scene when they (the teacher) wait their children to calm down, then they try to talk, and did it! Children want listen to teacher’s talk. But almost event in this film, when the children make a problem, then they use method number one, and almost of them failed too ;(
This film also not give me whole picture about how to deal with that children, because when they try to deal with one child, they not finished, but scene just change to another children and another problem. So, it really confused me to watch that movie.
But well, that movie give me picture of ‘amazing’ child’s school. Hope we can give a lot of hope and opportunity to all of child in the world to have better life 🙂


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