Before COP 15 # Girl’s stuff

Typical girl, I just panicked about what should I bring on my journey?

Consider that December will be winter in Europe, I must to prepare winter coat, and all of the things related. I’m going to Plaza Senayan with my mother (as recommended by my mother’s friends) to bought all of that things. Unfortunately, we can’t found that.

As recommended by my friend, Denissa, I came to ITC Mangga Dua, and finally I found what I needed. So, if you guys wanted to buy winter things, go to ITC Mangga Dua, and you will find every things that you needed. Maybe you feel confused, because ITC Mangga Dua is so big, so here I tell you, where is the place (I’m googling too) :

  • Lantai 3 Blok C, you will find some place that sell winter things. I forget the name of the shop. But I remember one, it name’s Angelica.
  • Lantai 4, near to Butik Artis (I forget the shop’s name), It also sell beautiful boot too (but get ready to disappointed, if your size up to 40, they just sell boot under 39). There is one shop too, I forget their name, it like’s .. enam Sembilan ? (Pardon me, if I’m wrong).

You can buy Winter coat, gloves, Long John, sweater, everything. Their price, if you want to buy Winter Coat between 400.000 until 1.500.000, gloves between 50.000 until 85.000, Boot between 300.000 – 700.000, sock between 30.000 until 100.000. Quite expensive, uh?

If you want to buy cheaper, you can buy second hand on Flea Market, in Pasar Atom (Pasar Baru) or Pasar Senen. There is a lot of winter things too, but I don’t know their prices. Location of one of good shop in Pasar Atom is near to the toilet (there is no shop’s name), they sell boot too and other vintage’s things (if you want too).

I recommended Zara if you want to buy boot. Yeah, it’s quite expensive, around to 600.000, but it will satisfy you. After all, if you still not satisfied with my recommendation, actually there is lot of shop in Europe that sell winter things (of course), but also there is shop that sell second hand too ( with cheap price).

Ok girls, time to back into reality. Just enjoy your shopping time 🙂


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