Before COP 15 #Deep thinking

Everything so hard for me and other delegate, Linda. We have one challenge- resolve it – came another challenge. Until there is one point we felt so tired and asking to our self, what for is every effort that we made in this 2 weeks? Yeah..we know that this challenges come because limited time that we have, it’s not mistakes of someone. But there is the time, we just lack of energy to face on of all this challenges. Hope that we can be strong until this challenge will end.

One of the biggest challenges is to get our visa. I don’t want to discuss our challenge, but just want to share my experience when I applied our visa in Danish Embassy.

We applied our visa together with other people who want to go to COP15, there is journalist, diplomat, etc. When we wait, came one person who brings a big box load with a lot of visa application. I asked to myself, where he came from, because he can bring a lot of application (in fact it really hard to get agreement to going COP15). After that, I knew that he is from Department of Foreign Affairs (Departemen Luar Negeri = DEPLU). I wondering is that worth if too many people from DepLu going to COP15? I think more important if we had more people from Kementrian Lingkungan Hidup (KLH).

When he applied his application, the receptionist said that the day before, Danish embassy arrange meeting with DepLu and they agree that there is 120 people from all of ministry, but why now total of people add more and more? (typical Indonesia, I think).

The next, make me more shocked, when he said to us, actually just 5 people (from total 70 people applicant, I guess) that really contributed to COP15, the other just people who insist to came and maybe just doing unuseful task like photocopy paper. Oh My God.. It really made me disappointed with government.

I deeply think their action, and I wondering :

When they did that action, are they know that it must be a person who work all the night JUST to write down their visa’s application?

When they did that action, are they knew that must be a lot of people in Danish Embassy that work besides it’s Idul Adha (and they should be have vacation on that day) JUST to take care about their visa’s application?

When they did that action, are they think that it better they give that change to other Indonesian youth who really have spirit to make a better Indonesia?

Do they even THINK that?


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